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This yummy section has all the info and tips you need to be inspired to eat well, balance your hormones and feel your very best.

All the recipes and simple meal suggestions are based on the philosophy of ensuring ‘protein, good fats and something fresh’ with every meal and most snacks. In this way, all the sometimes foods are crowded out and replaced with all the ingredients you need for optimal health – the Chicken Salad with Peanut Sesame Dressing is such a great work lunch and I make the Apple & Raspberry Muffins for my kids every week!


The Supplements section is an awesome reference for people who are choosing supplements or just wanting to know about the supplements they are already taking. This section explains which form of a supplement to look for and what dose you might need for certain conditions – it really is best to have supplements prescribed for you by a practitioner as not all supplements are suitable for everybody. Foods high in each nutrient are also listed for those who prefer to use food as their medicine.

If you have been self prescribing or just need some guidance on what foods and supplements might be best for you, make a Skype appointment with a Seed Naturopath and start feeling your very best! xx

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Belinda Kirkpatrick

Naturopath & Nutritionist at The Seed Concept
Belinda Kirkpatrick, the creator of The Seed Concept, is an expert Naturopath and Nutritionist with over a decade of clinical experience. She specialises in women’s health and is especially passionate about hormonal health, fertility management and miscarriage prevention. She is known for her extensive knowledge of natural and conventional treatment in addition to her evidence-based approach to integrative healthcare.

Belinda created The Seed Concept as she is passionate about helping women optimise their nutrition and health in a realistic and achievable manner.
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