The Seed Concept is all about taking control of your hormonal health, the natural way.

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Belinda Kirkpatrick

Expert Nutritionist and Naturopath

Belinda Kirkpatrick, the creator of The Seed Concept, is an expert Naturopath and Nutritionist with over a decade of clinical experience.

Belinda specialises in women’s health and is especially passionate about hormonal health, fertility management and miscarriage prevention. Belinda is known for her extensive knowledge of natural and conventional treatment in addition to her evidence-based approach to integrative healthcare.

Belinda created The Seed Concept as she is passionate about helping women optimise their nutrition and health in a realistic and achievable manner.

Belinda’s tertiary qualifications include: Masters of Reproductive Health, Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), Associate Degree in Clinical Sciences and Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy.

Belinda is in clinical practice in Double Bay and Balmain; is on the expert panel of Women’s Fitness magazine; designs smoothie and juice recipes for The Bondi Juice Co and SuperMix Juicery; is a mother of two beautiful girls; feels like a full-time cook and is a constant time-juggler!

Sonia Bhojwani

Naturopath | Nutritionist | Herbalist | Energetics BHSc(Nat), MNHAA

Sonia Bhojwani is a degree qualified naturopath and nutritionist who is passionate about inspiring and educating individuals to nourish their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self to empower optimal health naturally.

To be the best practitioner to her clients, Sonia believes in keeping up to date with the latest clinical research, and undertaking ongoing study to continually update her skills. Sonia is also currently involved in research for Naturopathic and Nutritional texts.

Sonia believes that ill health is just the bodies way to reach out for support to achieve balance. Therefore, leading by example & supporting her clients to achieve their health goals with simple, effective, and achievable solutions contributes to success.

Sonia has clinical expertise and is passionate about woman’s health, reproductive health, stress, anxiety, fatigue, digestive health, thyroid disorders, autoimmune disorders, immune boosting, detoxification, weight loss, nutritional medicine, and all aspects of general health. She also understands the importance of work life balance, mind-body health, and emotional well-being, and works with her clients to achieve these.