The Seed Concept is all about taking control of your hormonal health, the natural way.

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Women trying to conceive and holistically improve and manage their fertility, plus prevent recurring miscarriage.


Women trying to track their periods and address period-related symptoms for improved mood and health.


Women seeking to achieve a natural and holistic lifestyle approach to wellness through hormonal health, environment and nutrition advice.


….The Ultimate App for Women's Health!

  • The ME section is all about you!

    Personalise your experience by taking the Seed reproductive health quiz in ‘ME’ to discover food, exercise and lifestyle advice that is specific for you and your goals. Re-take the quiz at any time as your symptoms change.

  • Period tracker with a difference!

    Use the Seed period tracker to predict your next period, fertile times and ovulation. When you add symptoms, naturopathic and nutritional tips will be generated which aim to help balance hormones and reduce that symptom for the following cycle.

  • Lifestyle tips for hormonal health

    Discover how to improve your health and heal your hormones by improving your environment. This section includes information on how to reduce toxic exposure by reducing cleaning and personal care products, replacing plastics in your environment and using plants to improve air quality in your home.

  • Trying to Conceive?

    The Seed Concept is specifically designed for women who are planning conception, who are trying to conceive, who are undergoing IVF or have experienced miscarriage(s) and want to take an active role in improving their outcomes and increasing their fertility.

  • Common Conditions

    There are many conditions affecting hormonal health such as PCOS, endometriosis, low ovarian reserve, auto-immune conditions, Natural Killer Cells, thyroid problems, MTHFR mutations, recurrent miscarriage and those undergoing IVF. Seed offers naturopathic food and lifestyle recommendations suggested for each, based on extensive clinical experience.

  • Food & More

    Beautiful, easy to make recipes which are nutritionally designed to balance hormones and promote health are the focus of this section. Meal suggestions for reproductive health and fertility are also provided in addition to teaching you how to eat during different times in your cycle.


Personalised Fertility Health Plan

Seed is the perfect health companion for women planning conception, are actively trying to conceive and those undergoing IVF.

Using Seed’s Reproductive Health Quiz, you can access personalised and relevant advice and tips to discover and understand the right food, exercise and lifestyle recommendations specific to you and your fertility goals. Should your symptoms or lifestyle habits ever change, simply retake the Seed Quiz any time to continue with a targeted fertility health plan just for you.

As a complete resource for fertility support, Seed also provides tips for getting pregnant , including when to attempt conception, what to do and what not to do afterwards, how to recognise your fertile times and interesting facts around conception.

Miscarriage Prevention

For women who have experienced miscarriage(s) and desire to take an active role in improving their outcomes and increasing fertility, Seed is here to help.

Traditionally, doctors only investigate pregnancy loss after a woman has suffered three consecutive miscarriages. The information, tips and advice through the Seed app (and an optional Seed Naturopathic consultation) are an essential tool for any woman who would like fertility support after experiencing a tragedy.

Seed also has a unique section in the app detailing tests to consider following a miscarriage, such as comprehensive pathology tests for general hormonal health, during preconception or after trying to conceive for 4-6 months. For a targeted approach, Seed also covers optimal health ranges for preconception and hormonal health, rather than just the average reference ranges provided on traditional pathology results.

For those trying to conceive for 6-12 months+ or after miscarriage, Seed offers Skype appointments with a Seed Naturopath for more extensive testing and investigation.


Seed’s Unique Period Tracker

Seed’s Period Tracker goes where no other app has gone before, to provide you with solutions for your recurring period symptoms. In addition to helping you track and predict your next period, fertile and ovulation cycles, Seed also provides you with naturopathic and nutritional tips whenever you add your period symptoms into the app.

Armed with these tips, you can take informed steps to help balance your hormones and reduce these symptoms in your following cycle. And with Seed as your personalised health and wellness companion, you can say goodbye to the impending dread of next month’s period by actively managing your cycle symptoms.


Delicious & Nutritious Recipes For Better Health

Food plays an important role in women’s health, which is why Seed includes mouth-watering and easy-to-make recipes. Each recipe is nutritionally designed to assist you in balancing hormones and promoting overall health.

Whether you’re after recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or need a quick snack or drink, all of the recipes in Seed are designed to optimise your hormonal health with real food. All recipes contain the perfect balance of protein, good fats and fresh vegetables or fruit, are gluten and sugar free (many also grain-free), and contain only fresh, easily accessible whole foods—so you can be assured you are feeding your body the best ingredients and food to achieve the very best you.

Meal recommendations for reproductive health and fertility are also included in Seed’s Food & More section, in addition to teaching you how to eat during different times in your cycle, what to include (including the top foods for fertility ) and what to avoid.

Naturopathic Recommendations For Common Conditions (Sub Heading)

There are many conditions affecting hormonal health such as PCOS, endometriosis, low ovarian reserve, autoimmune conditions, Natural Killer Cells, thyroid problems, MTHFR mutations, recurrent miscarriage and those undergoing IVF.

Based on extensive clinical experience, Seed offers easy-to-follow naturopathic food and lifestyle recommendations to help you alleviate and address any common conditions that are affecting your hormonal health.

About The Seed Concept

Seed is a comprehensive app to find all the naturopathic and nutritional support you need for hormonal health, better periods or preconception. Designed by Belinda Kirkpatrick, a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist with over a decade of clinical experience helping women manage their hormonal health and fertility, Seed is like having a personal naturopathic consultation—right at your fingertips!

The Seed Concept aims to help all women achieve their optimal health potential, with special focus given to hormonal health, fertility management and miscarriage prevention. As a personalised natural health companion, Seed is dedicated to supporting and educating every woman in understanding their health and hormones so they can live their very best life.

By providing an easy to read, user-friendly format with an emphasis on balance, moderation and having fun, Seed teaches women how to take control of their hormones and optimise their health by crowding out the bad stuff and increasing the good stuff.

Seed promotes positivity, self-love and self-acceptance, while understanding that the body naturally wants to heal and move towards good health.




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