The Seed Concept is all about taking control of your hormonal health, the natural way.

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The 3 Phases of Seed Concept

The whole concept behind SEED is to make it easy for women to get all the help they need - in the one place!

  • Download the App

    Download the Seed app from the app store and start taking control of your hormonal health today.

  • Book a Skype Consultation

    Take it one step further with personalized nutritional and supplemental advice by booking a Skype consultation with an Expert Seed Naturopath. From hormonal issues, preconception to birth and beyond, our experienced practitioners are here to help.

  • Join our online community forum

    Join our online forum and share your experiences with other women who understand just where you are. Support each other, post recipes and feel encouraged to continue your health journey. Expert Seed Naturopaths and Nutritionists will join the forum for Q&A sessions or group discussions at advertised times.

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Skype Consultations

During the consultation, your Seed Naturopath will go through a thorough health and hormone history in addition to analyzing your daily diet. Pathology tests may be ordered and assessed as required. Seed Naturopaths use up -to-date medical testing combined with naturopathic treatment to restore hormonal balance, promote fertility and restore health.

Individualised treatment plans, recipes, meal suggestions and information handouts will be emailed to you at the conclusion of your appointment and any required supplements will be posted express to you, free of charge. This incredible service allows you easy access to expert advice from the comfort of your own home and is perfect for women in living in rural areas which are often under-serviced.

Please note that all prices are in Australian dollars and appointment times are in Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney time).